Your happiness journey has begun!

Now you can start to enjoy your stroll through the Gates of the Happiness Jungle to discover all the positive and happier possibilities. Are you in need of a Happiness Mentor / Life Coach?

Are you ready to take your happiness to a whole new exciting level?

This is happiness on awesome steroids! You have found a place that is organic, transparent and authentic. It will create rumbling vibrations straight to your inner core, as this new found happiness vibrates within you. It’s fabulous! It feels like an incredible Adrenalin Rush once you start to take action and crack your own whip!

The treasures you will dig up, find and take with you for the rest of your life are:

  • You will smile a lot more!
  • You will learn how to unleash a happier you when the hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up!
  • You will harvest in abundance when you start to plant your happy seeds and pick the buds that most serve you for a healthier life. You will live in the present now moment and beyond and not be so tangled in the vines!
  • Your hunt for solutions will be target proof.
  • You will manifest natural happiness habits as you apply the Happiness Jungle Tips so you can calmly defuse any attack situation quickly.
  • You will forever find new paths along the way within the Happiness Jungle to create a happier journey for everyone in your tribe!
  • You will feel your wings spread like an eagle and you will soar!
  • You will learn how to turn venom into happiness potion. You will never drink any poison again.
  • You will feel as if you are running freely through the field of happiness with ease, peace of mind, gratitude and so much more ….



The Happiness Jungle is very unique, very contagious and has so many fun activities for you to leap through! It’s the only jungle in the world that is the home to the Queen of Happiness herself, Chief Happiness Officer, Lyn-Dee Eldridge, Author, National Speaker, Recognized Seminar Key-Note Speaker, Key Note Speaker for all Educational Platforms, TV / Radio personality, Humorist, Entrepreneur, Mentor & Coach, Mentor / Life Coach

Welcome to the Happiness Jungle and the New Tamed, Happily Cleansed, Happily Refreshed, OMGosh – I feel so alive now, New Happier You!

{{hugs}} & Happiness

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Your New Pathway To Happiness

"I never said life was easy, but I did say you can be happier. You were born to shine, hold your own flashlight!"

Are you ready to begin your new pathway to your happiness?

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