Lyn-Dee Eldridge, Chief Happiness Officer, Producer and Host of the simulcasted tv show The Happiness Jungle TV is available for product and event endorsements.

Hire a Famous Personality for corporate events, videos, endorsements and more. You can Lyn-Dee hire a TV Personality and add some real excitement to your next event, the kind that can only be created by a celebrity appearance.

Chief Happiness Officer of the Happiness Jungle!

What is the Happiness Jungle you might ask? Press play to learn more about the CHO - Chief Happiness Officer Lyn-Dee Eldridge and the Happiness Jungle!

Lyn-Dee Being Interviewed

The Happiness Jungle TV Show

If you or your company would like to be featured on the Happiness Jungle TV Show, you can be interviewed in person or on Skype! Contact Lyn-Dee at 603-660-6010 or you can email;

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