Are you ready to take your happiness to a whole new exciting level?

I am Lyn-Dee Eldridge, The Chief Happiness Officer and Founder of Happiness Jungle LLC.

I am an Author, Keynote Speaker, Breast Cancer Survivor, Humorist, Entrepreneur, Certified Co-Brand Partner with Les Brown, Life Coach, and Business Mentor. I am also the Creator / Producer / TV personality of The Happiness Jungle TV Show.

When your cookies crumble like mine have; cancer, abuse, divorce, grieving, single-parenting, co-parenting, step-parenting, becoming a caretaker, business owner, and
dealing with financial pressures, (aka bankruptcy, and tax audited) you can learn how to work through
everything with a happier, more positive attitude and purpose. I have been able to scale, measure and add value by turning all my cookie crumbs into opportunities for growth and empowerment. And now so can you!

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John Lieberman
John LiebermanLife-long Entrepreneur and Advisor to successful people

It was a special pleasure to surprise my friend, Lyn-Dee Eldridge, and listen to her speak. Many thanks to my friend, Mary Rogan for the invitation. Lyn-Dee is a dynamic speaker. She engages each member of the audience using her life experiences, and making them relevant to all in attendance. She is clever and witty, and uses humor in the proper doses to drive home her message: Happiness is a personal choice. Her chats are uplifting and timely. I’m certain everyone at today’s luncheon received a lasting 'jolt of happiness’ from The Queen of The Happiness Jungle. Brava!!!

Cami Baker
Cami BakerAmerica's Authority on The Cause Marketing Movement, TV Host, Author, International Speaker, Personal Branding/Marketing June 22, 2016

If you get the opportunity to spend time in Lyn-Dee's presence your life will never be the same! Full of high octane energy, zest for life and the ability to make any and everyone in her presence "HAPPY", the founder of the Happiness Jungle will bring you and your organization to a new level! I love to have her in my audience and be in hers as she is a giver, a helper and lives her passion which is helping people be happy no matter where they are, come from or are going! Thank you Lyn-Dee for being YOU!

Dr. Shelley Plumb
Dr. Shelley PlumbCEO at PlumbTalk, Inc. September 10, 2018

Lyn-Dee Eldridge is an incredible woman! Having worked with Lyn-Dee directly we can attest to her amazing communication skills. She has the uncanny knack of taking negative situations and turning them in to constructive life lessons. She does this with humor, compassion and grace. She is a valued keynote speaker, coach and advocate for all. We are looking forward to working with Lyn-Dee again!

Beth Nelson-Allen
Beth Nelson-AllenEntrepreneur & Holistic Health Coach August 31, 2010

Lyn-Dee is a master connector and instantly makes you feel welcome and at home in any situation. She infuses joy and laughter into every part of life, and has lifted my spirits and inspired me with every exchange we've had. I cannot speak highly enough of Lyn-Dee, and greatly value her expertise, wisdom and services.

Ron Sweet
Ron SweetInternational Recruiter & Trainer at Jusuru International, August 23, 2009

WOW - this is hard. Lyn-Dee is so talented and bright that to single out one or more key things about her is near impossible. I'll try. She never, never, never ... - give up -- if the cause is just. She cares for others more than she cares for herself, however she know when to back-off. She would rather "teach someone to fish for themselves that to continue to feed them."

Lyn-Dee's New York Attitude is backed by a very big heart., you can't help but love her. There is so much more I could say but then you would think I was a Lyn-Dee groupie - I am!!!

Ron Sweet
Good Stuff Team, Inc..,
Past President South Tampa Chamber of Commerce

Personal Development

~ How To Deal With And Organize
Everything That Is Going On In Your Life
~ Marriage / Children / Relationships / Business / Health
~ Learn The Power Of Letting Go Of Everything That Is No Longer Serving You
~ Building Stronger Relationships
~ Building Self-Belief
~ How to Start Building New Beginnings
~ How to be more Organized
~ How To Deal With Being a CareTaker
~ How to Become Awesome at Co-
Parenting for the Children's Sake

Health Development

~ How To Have A Positive Mindset Through It All
~ How To Become Greater Because Of Your Health
~ How To Deal With Elderly Care Issues

Business Development

~ Business Happiness
~ Building Your Brand And Making It Contagious
~ Build Your Business Through Events And Seminars
~ How To Get People Talking About Your Unique Business
~ How to Collaborate and Delegate To Make More Cent$
~ How To Never Use the Word No In Your Business And ProfIt BigTime
~ How To Be On A TV or Radio Show
~ How To Host a TV Show
~ How To Attract More Clients
~ How To Build A Strong Team In Your MLM Business

Youth Happiness Development

~ Social Emotional Learning
~ How To Communication With the Youth Of Today
~ How To Get A Grip On Your Anger Management
~ You Are Unique, Amazing and have Greatness Within. Own The Positive Purpose
~ Breaking Bad ... Habits One Slight Edge At A Time.
~ Stop Bullying, It Is Not Serving You - Be The Positive Leader
~ Shine Just Like God Wants You To, You Have Purpose
~ Say No to Pure Pressure

More Happiness Jungle Courses and Mentoring

~ Live Your Dreams BIG
~ Speak Your Way To Unlimited Wealth
~ Bringing Out The Millionaire In You
~ 9 Principles Of Greatness
~ Champion Consultative Sales Skills
~ Time Management
~ Goal Setting for Champions
~ and more ...

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