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I am you are - Lyn-Dee Eldridge

I AM – You ARE

I AM always finding myself wherever YOU ARE It Blows My Mind! The Law Of Attraction proves itself time and time again! Be where you dream to be, is how I live every day. The founder of Executive Style and Dating for Men, Jess Pounds and I were sitting enjoying a business mastermind gathering in a …

To Be The Best You Can Be!

To Be The Best You Can Be!

MAKE THE DECISION TO SUCCEED! IF YOU CAN DREAM IT, YOU CAN BE IT! ~~WALT DISNEY~~   Everything is possible! I was told at a very young age, you will never be anything like your sister and brother. You are not college material, blah,blah,blah Well, they were right, I never went to college and I …

Just the way you are

You are Amazing Just The Way You Are

There is a song that you should listen to while you are looking into the mirror and sing it to yourself out loud. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars This song sincerely helps you appreciate and celebrate YOU! (Warning, it might make you cry when you look into your eyes, because only you know how …