How to Handle People That just Piss You Off!

How to Handle People That just Piss You Off!

Some People just like to create nagging noise.

During any kind of dispute, allow all parties to speak their thoughts no matter how noisy they are, you can’t stop them. Completely without any interruptions, no matter how hard it is, bite your tongue. If you are in a yelling match, who wins? Nobody. Nothing is even being heard accept of course the selected chosen words.

I’m always looking for the solutions to any situation. I promise you if you follow these few tips, you will be a lot happier and more at peace with the results.

  • My Duct Tape Philosophy. Pertained you have a piece over your mouth.    No need for a knee jerk reaction, take as long as you like to ponder and really gather your thoughts and be able to respond with a smile on your face. Even if the other party tries to egg you on. Don’t react or respond until you are 100% ready to do so. Give yourself time to cool down and be much clearer with your thoughts. Let them know you will be back, but you are going to go now and will return.
  • Address the party or parties with all your ducks in a row and possibly even with an apology if you feel one should be given. Taking ownership for your part is a huge part of the growth for yourself.
  • Leave knowing you expressed what your thoughts are with a pleasant exit. Calmly, politely, be positive and respectful.
Some feel that is hard to do and that is only because they have never done it before. I am all about peace, not war. I’d rather be a lover, not a fighter.

I want to share with you that last week I had to confront a major pain in my butt who just kept rubbing me the wrong way. After taken a long while to ponder and gather my thoughts, I decided I was ready to face this head on and to go where I knew this person was and to also make sure that there were others around, not to cause a scene by no means, but so this person couldn’t say something happened that in fact did not.

I do not make it a habit of taking time out of my busy day to find or interact with people that are on a negative stream. However, every now and then it just has to be done. I will conduct myself as a professional and will never lower my standers. I do not believe in yelling, but instead, I am smiling as I am getting my point across, asking them questions and in return offering my appearance there to answer all their questions. To have a mature discussion. Sometimes it doesn’t work out that way and the other party still wants to create more negative noise, so what do you do then, smile and walk away knowing you gave it all you had to make things right and you just might have to be satisfied with that and let it go, but at least you tried.

With that being said, sometimes it just feels good to get out what needs to be said with a smile and handshake and walk away as the other party is looking at you with the thought of, wow, did she just tell me off (or) what just happened?

I am sharing this with you because there are ways to letting people know you are not ignoring their ignorance but addressing the why.

In closing, remember the golden rule, it is greater to sprinkle a wound with sugar than salt any day of the week! As they say, kill them with kindness.

Let’s create peace and spread more {{hugs} & happiness}} around the world. Together we will smile more and laugh our way to our final destination!

{{Hugs & Happiness}}


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