What’s Behind A Doodle?

What’s Behind A Doodle?

Do you ever find yourself doodling when you are talking on the phone, on hold, day-dreaming, bored, listening to something or someone? Creating shapes, obstacles, lines and symbols? Do you know that you might have (ELP) Enormous Leadership Potential within? It’s true!

Richard Hunnewell, Founder - Palm Beach Entrepreneur Mastermind ~ shared with me,  Really great leaders have the rare ability to be logically minded as well as artistic? Winston Churchill is one of many examples that come to mind. It is an absolute rarity that a person would be highly developed in both the left and right hemispheres of the brain. Those who are have enormous leadership potential. Visionaries of all types are doodlers. Bill Gates is a doodler. And now that I think about it, I have always doodled when I was in high thought or trying to figure things out. As the patterns on the paper are drawn and I look at it, I can see my thoughts with so much more clarity. I use to think it was a nervous habit until today when I read your story.’

Well, come to find out, I Love to doodle! I just never knew how inspiring it would be!
Here’s how my doodling became more than just a doodle.

It was 9am on a Sunday morning. I was sitting across from a Happiness Buddy who opened up her soul to me. As I was sipping my coffee, I was listening intensely to every story she shared with me about her painful past. Eye to eye, I felt her life behind the bars of her internal self-emotional prison. When she was done, I asked if I may share my thoughts? She was open to receiving.

As I started, I found myself doodling and capturing a visual of everything she shared with me for clarity. I doodled her past to make sure I was on the right track with her and continued right up to this present moment. Together as the doodling became more, we smiled, chuckled and even gave each other a high 5 for how awesome she is today because of all this craziness that is now an image of doodling for her to see. When I was done, we both looked at this doodle. She gave me a BIG smile and a {{hug}}. We worked through a very hard emotional breakthrough this morning in less than one hour! She said, âWow, I feel as if I am now free of anger and pain and I feel more powerful than I have ever felt. I am no longer in my internal self-emotional prison. May I take this doodle and frame it? I laughed and said, “Sure, only you and I will ever know what this doodling says.” Her reply, “That’s why this is so powerful to me, it’s my life and its private so no one can ever crack the ‘doodle-code’. It will always remind me to be grateful and keep going! You should doodle for others!” In closing, we laughed and embraced her new Happier Outlook on life.

As I drove away, I smiled at this new found gift I discovered I have. Something that is a private message for my Happiness Buddies and no one else will ever be able to crack the doodle-code but them.

Maybe I am an artist after all!

And now the question is, are you? What message is behind your doodling?
Get in touch with me and let’s have a doodling session so you can take home your secret message doodle art work that I will create for you.

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