You’re Never Too Old To Go Back To School. For Real!

You’re Never Too Old To Go Back To School. For Real!

As I was listening to the radio, an inspiring advertisement came on. “You’re never too old to go back to school.” Adult Education Program courses at night. Where? At your local public schools. Is this available everywhere? Pretty much!

My ears went up like a fennec fox. I had no idea how much this 30-second commercial was going to rejuvenate my mindset with all the possibilities and my immediate thought was, does everyone know about this opportunity for education? The next song that came on the radio was, ‘Brand New’ by Ben Rector. I thought, what a great blog post this will be to help others see they have a lot of possibilities to become everything they want to be!

The quickest and easiest way to find out about AEP would be to google Adult Education Program courses in (your area) and you can call your local public schools for more information. There are a number of academics and enrichment classes for ages 18 and up, up, up. How exciting is this? There is no reason or excuses why we are not enjoying what we want to learn about and become anymore. It’s a great start to something bigger even when you’re in your golden years. There are no age restrictions to learning something new! You are never too old to go back to school.

There is something stimulating about physically going into a classroom setting, sitting your tuche in the seat as a student and then the teacher appears. Now you are a part of a group of like-minded individuals and you feel happily alive! Your brain is waking up. It’s always more powerful to be in the person to person, eye to eye physical classroom setting. There is nothing like getting dressed, sharpening your pencils, walking down the hall and entering your classroom with your books in hand. You feel as if you are accomplishing greatness.

Absolutely, this is one sure way to stimulate your knowledge, your brain and be around like-minded people. Can you imagine going back to school? Close your eyes and think how fabulous it would be to feel new again. You can enjoy learning something new whether it’s a career, hobby, craft or even the how to’s. You can bring yourself up to speed with the modern times.

Are your ears perked up like a fennec fox? Is your mind wondering, can this be for me? Well, let’s go and see! Google, Adult Education Program courses in (your area) and become everything you want to be!

{{hugs & Happiness}}


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