Allow Your Inner Pain To Go Up In Flames

Allow Your Inner Pain To Go Up In Flames

The way you are winding down at night with forgiveness, clarity and peace is how you will wake up the next day feeling refreshed and help your life be more enjoyable, happy and on point with what you want. It will open new doors for you where the sun shines and the laughter begins.🙂

At some point you have to stop being an emotional prisoner. You want to release the poison and forgive because forgiveness is for you and no one else.

During this video of the Temple Of Time remember to release all your hurt and all your pain. You might have to replay this video several times and this is a good thing.

The Temple of Time Burning Ceremony was in Coral Springs, Florida. It was build to help the community come together after the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland. This was a blessing and a spiritual moment and I hope you're able to set yourself free. Watch this and share it.

You were born to shine and now it's your time to live your best life ever no matter what has happened in your past, allow it to strengthen you.

When you're stuck in your pain, you can always contact me and set up a time for me to help you move forward. put 'Temple Of Time' in the message.

I never said life was easy, but I did say you can be happier. 🙂

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