What am I supposed to be doing?

Which Way Do I Go And What Am I Supposed to be doing?


It is so easy to put off a today thinking that tomorrow will make up for the yesterdays we let slip away.

As children we get to play and allow fun to come before our chores, only to get scolded by our parents, known for a better lack of words as nagging. Once our chores are done, we can go and play. (So easy … Yet even as children we ponder off into our own detours)

Then we grow up and realize that our days turn into our weeks and our weeks turn into months and our months turn into our years and before we know it, MANY years have gone by and we still have not accomplished what we originally set out to do.


Make sure you are organized in your thoughts, projects, and activities for both your business and personal lives.

Step 1:

Write down everything that needs to be done and the deadline for which it is due.

(all goals need a deadline, big and small)

Step 2:

Prioritize them and have a planner to help you stay on track with a daily to-do list.

Step 3:

Delicate. BIG ONE! Come to terms that things might not be done the same way you wanted them to be done, but as long as the results turn out to be the results you needed them to be, stop worry how they got done, just trust that the results are the important matter.

Step 4:

Separate your business from your personal and enjoy each of them separately, especially if you work from home. On the weekends or whatever days, you choose to take off, shut the office door and DO NOT re-enter until the time you are supposed to be working. Your family will appreciate this and so will you.

Make sure you are organized in your thoughts, projects, and activities for both your business and personal lives and I can guarantee you that you will smile and laugh a lot more.

If you are not enjoying your days, then it is time to sit down and ponder if just maybe these solutions can be part of your answer.

Let me know how it works out for you.

{{hugs & Happiness}}

What am I supposed to be doing?  What is my purpose in life?  How do I discover what I am supposed to be doing in life?  What am I supposed to be doing in my life? How to stay organized.  How to destress your day.  Daily to do list ideas.  Which way do I go?  Discover my purpose.