Visualize your Goals, Dream Big And Own your Destiny!

Visualize your Goals, Dream Big And Own your Destiny!

Over the years I have always made it a point to:

  1. Create a dreamboard of all the things that I want for my tomorrows. Collected as many magazines as I could possibly find of stuff along with brochures of new homes, cars, trips, adventures and so on. Then I enjoyed looking through them and then I cut out what my dream desires are to have and I posted them on a board so I have a visual. I hang the dream board in my home where I can look at it and strive for the goals of the material things that will reward me for all my hard work. Well, to say the least, it is exciting to see everything I cut out and it is quite a rush when you see that you are accomplishing your goals as the year goes by. (this is your board, cut out whatever you want, nothing is out of reach, nothing)
  1. Having the mindset to keep you focused. Personal development is my middle name. I read/listen to and continuously stay on track with what the great leaders have done to make their fortune and dreams come true. Knowing it wasn’t easy for them makes it easier to jump over all the obstacles that try to stand in our way. Their words of wisdom and inspiring leadership are remarkable. (stop wasting your time on TV, music and other drama crap that does not serve you. I love audios for my car.) Les Brown, Connie Pedestal to name a few.
  1. Be the solutions, we can all dwell on the why not’s and it doesn't work for me pity-party, but in my eyes, it is not about the cannot's. It’s about the how too’s and figuring out the solutions to the challenge. If there are challenges, I come up with a solution. Sometimes we do need to realize that some things are just not meant to be, but even that being said, it was not a waste of my time, it was a learning curve for something down the road. What I don’t know until something comes up along the way and then I am grateful for the bad experiences. My motto - Hold No Regrets or Grudges (Appreciate the lessons that make you stronger.)
  1. Never blame someone else for your failures. Take ownership of everything you do and learn from everything that joins you on your journey. (the good, bad and the ugly)
  1. Set your goals and stay focused. This journey, your journey is exactly what you truly ask for. Even with the hard curves along the way. (Smile and the whole world smiles with you, cry and you will cry alone.)

DREAM BIGGER than you’ve ever dreamed before and own it!

Remember Your Future is yours, own it and live it!

{{hugs & Happiness}}


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