Funny Facts About Sneezing!

Funny Facts About Sneezing!

I love to sneeze! It is one of my favorite acts of bodily functions I do! It feels good and makes my happy! It tickles me. So much better than farting! And usually, when someone hears me sneeze, they say it! GOD BLESS YOU!

I found this great article by Heather Hatfield, WebMD, about the 11 Surprising Sneezing Facts and I smiled, laughed, and absolutely related to #4. I laughed at #9. And I loved #10, the animal fun facts! Which one can you relate to and why? (full article link below.)

1. Sneezes start in your nerves.
2. Sneezing helps keep your body safe.
3. Sneezes are speedy.
4. Plucking your eyebrows may make you sneeze.
5. You don’t sneeze in your sleep.
6. Your workout may make you sneeze.
7. The longest sneezing spree
8. Sunshine may make you sneeze.
9. Sex can be a sneezing trigger.
10. The sneeziest animal: the iguana. Iguanas sneeze more often and more productively than any other animal, according to Wood’s research. Sneezing is how they rid their bodies of certain salts that are the normal byproduct of their digestive process, Woods says.
11. How do you stop a sneeze? While it’s not foolproof, “Try breathing through your mouth and pinching the end of your nose,” Kao says.

You can be very happy and proud to sneeze, just cover your mouth, that’s all I’m saying!

Link to the article:
11 Surprising Sneezing Facts
How fast does a sneeze travel? Can sex and sunshine make you sneeze? Get the strange sneezing facts.
By Heather Hatfield
WebMD Feature Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

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