How To Become Powerful After Being Powerless

LOOK! I finally see a crack of light! Happily ever after is straight ahead!
Repeat with me, I AM ready! I AM Ready to feel unstuck? I AM Ready to feel self-worth? I AM ready to learn and apply the happy facts how to get there.

1. Don’t spend any more of your moments worrying about how will you survive, just know, YOU WILL SURVIVE. You will see there is a light at the end of the tunnel, put you have to plow through the stuff to get to it. I will help you!

2. You cannot look back or go back, just grow from the challenges and keep moving forward. You have to take the first step and then the other steps will follow. Yes, you will have obstacles to climb, but you will knock them down and keep moving forward! You will find your inner peace and respect along the way! I will help you!

How do I know this can happen for you? Because …

As a child being brought up in a home that there was no love, no support, and no positive reinforcement, I grew to be more loving, more supportive and install Positive Reinforcement to everyone that comes in contact with me. A home that was dark and sad and abusive has caused me to have a light and happy and safe home for all to come and share laughter and hope. As a matter of fact, I was told and raised to believe I was a loser, where in fact, I am a winner!

Then fast forward, when I was 18 years old, I married a man that I thought would fill the void of the love and support that I never received as a child.

I was wrong and found myself in a marriage that was very abusive. I was married for 6 years before my daughter was born and then stayed in the marriage for another 15 months. It was my daughter that gave me the strength to divorce and move on stronger than I have ever been in my entire life. I felt so powerless all my life until I knew that I had a baby who was counting on me to be strong for the both of us. My daughter is my angel of freedom.

Because I was now a single mom and had to figure out how to live on my own raising my daughter at the age of 26. I quickly got involved with Personal Development which really changed my life. Went for help and I started liking myself and realized that everything that was told to me, about me was not at all who I was, in fact, because of Personal Development I understood I was someone special and I could do anything I set my mind too.

Tip #1 – I quickly got involved with Personal Development which really changed my life.Read one of my books, Tears Of Fears Behind Closed Doors.

Tip #2 – Reach out to a 3rd party expert for help. You want to be mentored by someone who is completely neutral and professional. I did and I started liking myself. In fact, I understood I was someone special and I could do anything I set my mind too. I can help you.

Tip #3 – Be Wide Open to New. If there was an opportunity and they said, will train and I was intrigued, I applied and became student.
Sharing my healthier, happier mindset I began to grow and because I understood life is not easy nor is it fair, I just worked that much harder and now today, I AM a very successful woman who is living a life that once was just in the movies that I dreamed would happen to me.  And now I am powerful!

Take Action: I encourage you to read my full story, ‘Tears Of Fears Behind Closed Doors’.  I would love to speak with you. Maybe I could be that mentor you’re looking for to help you get past your blockers.

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{{Hugs & Happiness }}

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