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What Does S.E.X.Y. Have To Do With It?

You want to be S.E.X.Y.! You are going to be the most powerful sexy person on the planet. You will not need a pole for this one!





Stop the insanity of keeping your deepest desires hidden inside and go for it. If you get laughed at, so what. Laugh with them and go for it head-on! Fight your fears!

When you’re all about Solutions to all challenges, it will bring you Empowerment which creates the Xtraordinary You

Why are we so worried and afraid to step out of our comfort zone?

What is it that is holding you back?

Why do we care so much what others think of us?

I learned a long time ago that people are either jealous of you and they want to hold you back or they admire your courage and strength and want to help you grow and be a part of it.

Do you like to dance, but you don’t feel you are a good enough dancer? You are out and the music is brilliant to your likings and under the table your feet are moving and you wish you could go out on the dance floor, but you won’t in fear that others will laugh at you. You have no one to dance with. So What! Get out there and enjoy yourself. Change your mindset.

I use dancing a lot because that was one of my biggest enjoyments, but there was a time that I would only dance in my own home where no one could see me, until the evening came when I drew the line in stone and said, screw it, I am going dancing and I did it, all by myself and I got out on the dance floor with everyone else and I just smiled. Scared to death as my insides were shaking and I felt so nervous. You know that feeling that makes you feel sick inside, yeah, that feeling. But I pushed myself to do it and I am so glad I did. You know what happened… people smiled back and others wanted to join me on the dance floor, so they did and we had a ball. Never again did my happy feet just dance under the table. I now have happy feet and a happy dancing soul. Why… because I changed my mindset to… WHO CARES!

Step one to being S.E.X.Y. Solutions!

Stop worrying what others will think, who cares. You only get to live this life once and if you keep inside your comfort zone, you will never grow and enjoy what there is to enjoy. Whatever that is for you. Just do it!

Step two to being S.E.X.Y. Empowerment.

Are you thinking about taking on a new career but you are afraid that you won’t succeed?

It’s called fake it till you make it. Learn as you earn. Stop making sure everything is in place, just find like-minded people that have accomplished what you want to accomplish and jump into the ring of leaders. Change your environments. Go to meet-ups in your area. Search for leaders on the internet that you can grow from. Read Personal Development. No excuses why you can’t be everything you want to be.

Being held accountable an important ingredient for success. Workout partner - it is huge. Team up with someone you enjoy speaking with and that just lights that fire under your bum and gets you going in a direction you’ve never gone before!

A good friend helped me one day a long time ago paint my small bathroom green and I kept saying, “I’m not sure about this.” Her reply….Do you Have Balls? My reply, as I stood up tall and proud, I said, “YES I have Balls, let’s do it!” And we did and I loved it. It’s nice to step out of your comfort zone. What was the worst thing that could have happened, I would have repainted… but instead, I loved it, Thanks, Jo-Jo!

Totally went out of my comfort zone and loved the results.

Step three to being S.E.X.Y. Xtraordinary

Believe that you have a uniqueness about you and no one else can take that from you. You have that extra special something that others admire and wish they had it inside them. Show them what you’ve got! Stop living in the land of ‘The Was World’ and make it the land of ‘The ‘Now World’ for you. Don’t allow anything from your past to hold you back.

Step four to being S.E.X.Y. YOU

Only you have the power to believe in you. Once you have accepted that you are a fantastic, dynamic and an incredible being and you believe in yourself to be true and be real, then and only then can your passion shine through.

People will notice the new you. They will either celebrate with you or try to hold you back. You must choose at that point what is a more powerful journey for you to be on. Celebrate I hope, then tell the others, you love them, but you’ve got to go! And now you will grow as long as you are willing to do what it takes that others won’t do!

Be You! Build new relationships, you're gonna piss some people off and others will love you, so what as long as you are not out to harm, you are harmless. What is it about you that makes you powerful? Mastermind with others that have similar interest.

How S.E.X.Y are you? Go to the mirror and say it out loud…. “I am damn SEXY!”

Welcome to the celebration of your life where all things are possible and just know I believe in you and I am here for you on this wonderful journey of Oz!

Live and Laugh while traveling on your journey and put on your best S.E.X.Y. appeal!

{{hugs & Happiness}}


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