be kind to one another

Be Kind To One Another

❤️ It truly is the only way to be. Kind! It’s hard to do at times, however, when we practice it all the time, it becomes natural!
? Happiness Jungle Tip: Here’s how.
When it’s getting heated.
1. No name calling! ??
2. Everyone write down on a piece of paper,
*What is the most important component of this challenge?
(Ex. children, money, overworking, drinking, smoking, anger, health, lack of sex, too much sex, lonely, where to go, eat, etc.)
And …
*What is the end of mind result that you want?
*Exchange papers.
3. ?Each agrees to pause and walk away for a short period of time.
* Set a time to come back together. Could be 5 min – ?
?Really ponder and read the others challenge and end in mind. Then write down your solutions on the other side of the paper.
4.?Time to rekindle and Listen to each other with healthy eye contact before responding. Come back calmer, possibly more insightful of each other’s point of view and feelings.
*Exchange papers again and read each other’s solutions out loud one at a time and respond kindly.
?One of two things will happen.?
? You will see eye to eye. ?
?You will agree to disagree! ?
? Either way, we can still all show up, kinder! Do you agree or disagree with me? ?

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❤️To be kinder to one another is to be at peace with one another!

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