be kind to one another

Be Kind To One Another

❤️ It truly is the only way to be. Kind! It’s hard to do at times, however, when we practice it all the time, it becomes natural!
🤗 Happiness Jungle Tip: Here’s how.
When it’s getting heated.
1. No name calling! 😂😂
2. Everyone write down on a piece of paper,
*What is the most important component of this challenge?
(Ex. children, money, overworking, drinking, smoking, anger, health, lack of sex, too much sex, lonely, where to go, eat, etc.)
And …
*What is the end of mind result that you want?
*Exchange papers.
3. 🤔Each agrees to pause and walk away for a short period of time.
* Set a time to come back together. Could be 5 min – ?
🖋Really ponder and read the others challenge and end in mind. Then write down your solutions on the other side of the paper.
4.👂Time to rekindle and Listen to each other with healthy eye contact before responding. Come back calmer, possibly more insightful of each other’s point of view and feelings.
*Exchange papers again and read each other’s solutions out loud one at a time and respond kindly.
🦋One of two things will happen.🦋
🖖 You will see eye to eye. 😘
🖖You will agree to disagree! 🤪
👋 Either way, we can still all show up, kinder! Do you agree or disagree with me? 🤔

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❤️To be kinder to one another is to be at peace with one another!

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