One Roll Of Penny’s and Two Pockets Can Change Your Life

I attended an empowerment seminar where I was given a packet at the registration table. I said hello to many and than found my seat and started to go through the packet because that’s what we do. We are like children that just got a goody bag. I love stuff, don’t you? As I went through my packet, the final item I pulled out was the roll of penny’s. I smiled, not quit understanding the meaning behind the POWER of this roll of penny’s. All I saw was 50 cents.

The lights flickered on and off to take our seats! The music started to play louder. We were clapping and dancing in our place and the energy was getting excitingly crazy. I AM ready to be a student! The mentor was now on the stage and asked us all to pull out our new roll of penny's and unwrap them. Now we all had 50 lose penny’s in our hands, still worth only 50 cents.

We were asked to participate in a very simple but powerful exercise to help us realize how many times we say or do something that doesn’t serve us. A negative action, a negative thought, an excuse why we aren’t doing something.
We were instructed to put all the penny's in one pocket, left or right, up or down, just put them in your pocket. Whenever anything negative is projected by you personally, take one penny and put it in a different pocket. At the end of the day, count the penny's. We were asked to do this for 30 days to brake the negative thinking and speaking habits and create the happier, healthier mindset of positive thinking and speaking habits.

I accepted the 30 day Penny Challenge. I took this very seriously and added one extra step. I named the negative act as I counted my penny’s. I was taking ownership and I wanted to remember why I had to take that penny and switch pockets so I never repeated the un-serving negative acts again. No more negative noise about anyone or anything again. I really wanted this change. At the end of the day, I emptied my pockets and thought about each cent that was in my negative pocket.

Holy McGillicuddy, as the days turned into weeks, I can feel the desired shift within me and how 1 roll of penny’s and 2 pockets started to change my life one-day-at-a-time. I was starting to have a different outlook on life. I was creating a happier mindset of positive thinking and speaking habits and there is no turning back. I learned how to pause and carefully chose my words and now it is as natural as breathing clean air.

A positive shift in 30 days. The goal is to have less and less negative penny's each day!

My change:
No more knee jerk reactions.
I AM happier.
I AM smiling more.
I AM a Solutions Warrior!
I AM owning my life.
I AM laughing more.
I see others differently with no expectations.
I have a million dollar happier mindset of positive thinking and speaking habits.
Karma is positive
Hearing others say, I AM one of the most positive people they have ever met, never saying anything bad about anyone or anything.
My life is fun, refreshing, lighter and freeing.

So ask yourself, Are you ready for the Penny Roll 30 Day Challenge to accomplish a life changing million dollar happier mindset of positive thinking and speaking habits today? Get Your Roll of Penny’s and reach out to me. I’ll share some more happy tips with you for sure!

{{hugs & Happiness }}

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