I am you are - Lyn-Dee Eldridge

I AM – You ARE

I AM always finding myself wherever YOU ARE It Blows My Mind!

The Law Of Attraction proves itself time and time again!

Be where you dream to be, is how I live every day.

The founder of Executive Style and Dating for Men, Jess Pounds and I were sitting enjoying a business mastermind gathering in a wonderfully delicious cafe called Buckley’s Bakery & Cafe in Merrimack, New Hampshire. We mutually agreed on this spot! I highly respect Jess and want to learn more about what she does and how can we add value to each other. Jess asked me, “How did we get so lucky to be connected and possibly working together?” And my response was, “Because You ARE incredible, we are connected by a mutual friend and I AM Grateful  We are both incredible, we are connected by a mutual friend and YOU ARE grateful too. Pretty simple to me! We smiled, laughed and continued our fabulous mastermind.

How I developed my ‘I AM’ statement.
I realized a long time ago I had to invest in myself and my inner being. I engaged in self-growth personal development seminars and one-on-one coaching. I not only showed up but I mentally showed up. I started to become my, I AM. I met others just like the new found me. I listened to more positive audio read more. The big shift was happening and there was no turning back for me. It was a positive up-climb and fun and exactly what I was hungry for.

We all will own the, I AM’s and the ‘YOU ARE’s. The real question is who’s behind them? All attractions have a reality to them. Mine is I dream of accomplishing greatness with others that thrive to make a positive impact in the world and aren’t afraid to face their fears. I hang out with people I look up to and highly respect. I am welcomed in because I ‘see me’ as ‘I AM’ who I want to become.

I will admit there are times in our lives where we can lose ourselves and get confused who we are. When this happens, are you finding yourself growing or just being? Do you want to have more or are you satisfied? And if you’re satisfied, are you settling? And if you’re settling, are you truly happy?

In the shadow of all our us, lies a little voice that makes us question who we are. It’s important to start embracing “I AM” First you start to whisper, “I AM” then you start to say, “I AM,” and before long you will shout, “I AM!”

I was in your shoes and now I AM walking in thigh-high BadAss Boots!
I AM here for you and you are welcome to reach out to me because YOU ARE ready to thrive yourself into your next level of happiness.
I AM Powerful because I have chosen to be.

{{ Hugs & Happiness }}


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