Would You Apologize To A Camel? Lyn-Dee

Would You Apologize To A Camel?

An apology is such a breath of fresh air when it is given correctly. It can heal any wound when its given and received from the heart to the heart. It is one of the most delicious happiness acts of kindness we offer to one another.

In order to truly set yourself free and be able to smile and enjoy the company of those you desire to be around, there will be times when the power of the apology is necessary and you will need to eat humble pie.

It’s really quite simple, but if you don’t know how to give an apology without pointing any fingers of blame, it will probably go south again. Be careful. You finally got up the courage to give an apology, don’t screw it up with blame. 

Who’s fault was it that the Camel spit?

It was a perfect day for the zoo. I was walking through the park and I turned a corner. I looked straight ahead and I witness a Camel interacting with humans. I smiled until I realized what was going to happen next.

OH NO! Holly McGillicutty! The Camel is jerking his head back and forth and just spit at the human species on the other side of the fence. Oh, SNAP! Contact! Gross. ‘Damn’ Camel! The humans were so angry and blaming the ‘stupid’ Camel as they were wiping the disgusting saliva off their faces, clothing and looking at their hands, ewww. Never even entered their minds it was their fault and nor did they see the need to apologize. Now you are probably saying, apologize to a Camel? Why not?

What I didn’t share with you, is that the humans were egging the Camel on and teasing him with something in their hands while yelling and laughing at him. Obviously, they upset the Camel.

Such an aha moment for me They weren’t taking any ownership for their part. Just that they were the victims of a spitting Camel. I asked them, “Why did you provoke this Camel?” They looked at me with angry eyes and said, “We didn’t do anything wrong.” “Really?”, was my reply.

As for the Camel, I swear he was smiling and laughing as I winked at him!

Fun Fact: Did you know that Camels spit in order to surprise, distract or generally ward off a threat?

We are just like a Camel.

Things happen in our lives that surprise us?

Things cause us to distract or ward off a threat?

So, are you the Camel or the human?

The feeling that you should apology stinks just like the Camel’s spit. Until you saw the whole picture as it was truly played out, you would have just believed the Camel was grossly wrong. Where in fact, he was reacting and giving them

It’s not a secret how to give a perfect apology.

Be honest with yourself. Take Ownership and apologize for your part without any blame. 

{{Hugs & Happiness}}


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